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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Noisy pleasure...

I had always wondered how God copes with let's say Sunday. I pick Sunday because all over the world, people congregate to give Him worship, praise and to pray.
Millions of people praising Him at different times, in varying ways and all that and i used to think that, won't it all sound more of a cacophony?

Prayer- that activity that we don't always know how its supposed to work as some of us only ask and ask and ask ad infinitum... we talk but do not listen... hmm. That is another matter for another day.

I used to wonder how God hears each person's request even when billions are praying at the same time until i realized that even google, world wide web and the internet plus etc responds to all at once and God pass dem. Sic.

Praise-that is God's food, what God requires from us. Our show of appreciation, offering of thanks of what He has done. Then worship- an outpouring of love and deep awe of who He is. And we do all these most times by singing which is not all Praise and Worship is all about though but i imagine an average Sunday morning and songs of worship and praise going up everywhere, different keys, tempo, language, genre etc and sometimes simulteanously... hmm.

Again i wonderd how does God make sense of it all. I am like all this is noise until i recalled my buffet experience. The few times i had eaten 'a' several course meal, the table set with all manner of dishes, different aromas, food texture, taste, colors etc and how i dug in to my fill taking from every dish presented. Wow!.

Then it hit me... that is how God views our offering of praise and worship.... hmm, of billion people singing His praise all over. AWESOME!!!!!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thanks all, for making my day- You ROCK!!!

The year has gone full circle for me again and lo, I am a year older. I would have sat down to review the past years, but that is not for me today. I’d rather look forward to what the future holds for me, the journey ahead, and the mission before me. I’d rather focus on my assignment, my calling, my vision. I’d rather get on with my daily tasks and the seeming drudgery of day to day activities that will sure culminate in the glorious future that lies before me.
It may not be easy, but I’ll keep on keeping on. It may not all be rosy but I’ll hold on to hope. It may not always turn out the way I want or desire it to be but I trust it will turn out how God wants it to be and that’s okay for me. My life is in His hands anyways and He is the One I look up to. He has brought me this far and I trust He will get me there.
I write to thank God for where I’ve been, where I am now (gets excited) and where I’m sure I’m headed. I see an awesome vista opening before me eyes. I write to thank God for my wife, who has stood by me all this while with love, care, support and understanding. I write to thank God for my lovely gifts from God who never let up in their antics and creative mess, their adorable smiles of deep innocence. I write to thank God for my parents, both of them that is (including my in-laws ni o) and my wonderful siblings, all of them. I write to thank God for my extended family and the blanket of safety they cast over me and mine. I write to thank God for my friends, all of them who have been solid in their role as friends. I write to thank God for the numerous acquaintances that come around me regularly out of which some graduate to becoming friends. I write to thank God for my many fans (preens like a bird) who keep me going daily. I thank God for every Nigerian who dreams and is working towards a great and prosperous Nigeria; we will live to experience that day.
I write to mark this day with words that I’m certain will outlive me and speak on for generations to come. I write to thank God for the privilege to affect generations positively. I write to thank God that my errors, mistakes and fumbles have not drowned me. I write to thank God for opportunities to serve. I write to thank God for life…
I write to say a big thank you to all of you who made out time to call, send sms, bbm, tweet, fb etc… You ROCK!!!
Lest I forget, I write to thank my wife for my brand new timberland shoes-*winks* and the ponmo and the…………..hmm, you too wan hear ba????
The End…

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ant in the sugar bowl

Well, people say Yoruba people love partying and all. Even other tribes refer to partying as “owambe” now, meaning literarily, it is there-if I lie talk it out oooooo, ehen. When we, we because I am a Nigerian of the Yoruba stock, want to classify that someone is enjoying or someone should enjoy or I want to enjoy, we say, abeg chop the life of your head o jare. And if someone hits some unprecedented levels of enjoyment, we say mehn, this guy is enjoying like an ant that fell into the sugar bowl. I use bowl as opposed to jar because ant in the sugar bowl sounds sweeter than ant in the sugar jar, abi? What do you think?
Back to my where I am going to. I want to focus on that expression that someone is chopping the life of their head like an ant that fell into a sugar bowl. Seriously, if you consider the size of an ant compared to the bowl in question, that is na be enjoyment without end. This appears to be the mindset of GEJ and his cronies, especially his Damn oops not again I keep mixing up Dame with Damn. My bad, overlook the error as I don’t have time to backspace or delete it. Anyways, let me leave the political discuss to other more matured minds who are able to control their emotions and focus once again on where I’m going to.
Ehen, we were looking at an ant’s size, compared to that of a bowl. I am not so, so, so good at math but I can exaggerate but in this case, leaving it to our collective imagination, the difference is more than Fido Dido. The disparity mega, hence I can understand and appreciate the allusion to the ant in the sugar bowl expression when we want to explain how big someone has hit it. Me too dey look forward to the day when I go land am that big. For your mind, I hear someone saying. Let’s watch and see na, abi? No more digression, I hope to promise as I need to get to where I am going with this.
The ant in the sugar bowl expression can be appreciated by us humans wella, as the highest level of enjoyment or abundance one can attain. The ultimate satisfaction, but, have we ever stopped to consider how the ant views its situation? I have read a bit about ants and how they function and although I can’t say I am an Antist- I hope that’s what they call people that study ants oh, whatever, but I’m a thinker, a questioner, a seeker without a confessor ooooo before you build a legend around me. And, I wonder, how does an ant feel in a sugar bowl? Now take a looooooooooooong pause here and consider that question while I take a short break.
I should have said a commercial break, anyways, welcome back. What came to your mind? Well let me share what came to my mind. The ant fell in the sugar bowl most surely not by accident but by design. The ant left its place of abode for one purpose, survival which implies sustenance, that is, food and here is the catch, food for the community and not for itself.  I am certain that ants don’t see the way we see so the ant may not have even noticed the bowl or even the amount of sugar in the bowl but according to my studies and Professor Google can attest to that, I’m sure, the ant having located the source of food, marks the place and goes to inform others. The ants that are assigned to forage for food now organize themselves into work forces that move the food back home where it is needed. One ant discovers, but it does not build a palace there and turn the sugar bowl into its domain to eat and eat and eat and die eating.
I learn three things from the ant and there are more lessons to be learnt, but I pick three;
1.     Focus- the ant has one thing in mind, the survival and in effect the sustenance of the community as in, the whole community.
2.     Selflessness- I am almost certain that selfishness is not in the ant’s dictionary- well that is if and assuming they have one but you geh the point sha? No be family affair as in Perm. Sec. things plus Road naming things…
3.     Teamwork- isn’t that obvious to all? At first, it is the one ant et! Voila! Other ants show not to come and enjoy the life of their head with their friend but to help move the food home where it is needed as in, community things.
Little wonder the Bible in Proverbs, advices us to go and learn from the ant. Perhaps if GEJ and his cronies and don’t let me make that mistake twice- paid heed to that particular verse in Scripture, let your imagination run riot. But alas! It is the chopping the life of their head like an ant in a sugar bowl version that they hold on to.
And we gan sef, have we stopped to seriously and objectively consider which side of the sugar bowl we are at? Are we looking into the sugar bowl or are we looking out from inside the sugar bowl? If we are looking into the sugar bowl, then all we see is that hmm, this ant is enjoying ooooo ahn ahn. But if we are looking out from inside the sugar bowl, then, there is hope for Nigeria.
*NOTE* just in case you are wondering where in scripture I referred to, actually I’m doing this more because I hope somehow, GEJ and his cronies and especially-you know who- will get to read this, I have pasted the Easy to Read(ERV) version of the portion of scripture below.
Pro 6:6  You lazy people, you should watch what the ants do and learn from them.
Pro 6:7  Ants have no ruler, no boss, and no leader.
Pro 6:8  But in the summer, ants gather all of their food and save it. So when winter comes, there is plenty to eat.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mimiko is working…Ondo state is working…

I make bold to make this declaration not because of the many visible infrastructural growth and development that dot the entire landscape of Ondo state. I did not receive a dime to do this. I am not a card carrying member of the Labour party. Yes, I know that I am fast becoming the MC/Compere of choice in government circles, but still, that is not my reason for making this declaration.
Let me start with an analogy I love to give when opportunity permits. Imagine a young boy, who as a child grew up in a building that to answer the call of nature, you have to whistle to the bushes. This child grew up to school age, started primary education and still the bushes remain the “gents”. He graduates to secondary school and the story is still the same, the “convenience” is still somewhere around the school farm. And finally he gets to the university, and yet, the white throne or loo as some call it is still alien, visible but alien. If this guy was to build a house, do you suppose he will deem it necessary to have a toilet as part of the building? Someone that has grown all his live, either shot putting or squatting may not be used to sitting down to do the thing and may not feel it’s important for him to have it in his house. If you don’t believe, go out there and take a census of all the houses that actually have toilets and of those who have, enter the place to find out what’s up-disclaimer-you are on your own ooooooH!!!
I know we can transcend our environment and all, but more often than not, ones environment plays a vital role in the overall growth and development of we beings. Interesting that this effect the environment has affects animals too.

I went through all this stress for a single purpose and I hope you see it with me. The focus of Mimiko’s administration is exciting for me. It is said that a nation can only progress at the speed dictated by the women, children, elderly and the physically challenged. Mimiko has chosen to focus on women and children. A visit to the mother and child hospital under the aBiye project is revealing as well as the concept behind it. The Mega schools that are springing up all over the place makes me feel like going back to school, Primary school for that matter. I see that Mimiko’s focus is on where it matters most. My generation is fast timing out and I know that a few of us are concerned about the future of our children. Sometimes we imagine what Nigeria will turn to after we are gone. As far as I’m concerned, Mimiko is taking care of that by ensuring that our mothers and our children are well catered for, for free under the aBiye program. But much more than that, the set-up of the Mega schools shows that Mimiko is focused on bringing up a new generation of young people that will not be satisfied with nothing but the best. Young people, who will have the much needed supportive and conducive environment that will ensure proper growth and development of their minds, arming them with the right perspective for the future we dream of and desire for Nigeria. In all my travels, I am yet to come across such structures housing a primary school. There is a big difference between learning under a mango tree and learning in a most conducive environment.
People are bound to hold different opinions to that which this write up expresses but wait, my parents used to regal us with tales of free education, meal tickets that got you whole chicken et al and the waiting employment letter. Like @ALIBABAGCFR will say, in case you missed the memo, things don shange!!! To tackle the future, we must build our young now. That is my attraction to Mimiko’s vision.
Without being told, I see the mindset of this man and i encourage him to continue. I am aware of the very high standards enforced to ensure that only the best teachers teach in the Mega schools. I am also aware of the strict code of conduct that guides the teachers in the discharge of their duties. To crown it all, Mimiko provided free busses to transport students and pupils to and fro. The future of every nation is her youth and if a government expends so much on their growth and development, such a government is securing the future of the nation. That is what Mimiko is doing and from my end, he deserves a second term. Did I hear someone say “even a third term”??? na you sabi oooo, me I don tok my finish…
Take time to visit us in Ondo state and find out for yourself so that you ja my iro if na lie I lie….abi??? shikena…

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Who dares???

Do you hear? Her tormentors shouted at the top of their voices as they descended on her, over and over again.  They were all over her. They were from her past and in her now. They struck, they hit. They pummeled and they pounded. They prodded and they probed with all manner of tools. They dragged and they scratched and as they did all this, they boasted. She took it all silently. Well not really silently. As every cell in her body could define the pain she felt and they did a good job of articulating it. She was never unaware of her pain. She had, had it since forever because she had been under bondage even since before her independence. Successively she had suffered all manner of atrocities to her person. At first, it was the outsiders. Now, it’s closer home. It got worse with time. The torment never seized rather, it graduated, became magnified. Her suffering multiplied with the years. How can that be possible? Yet she did nothing. Well not as if she did nothing. She tried, but her future mocks her effort. They mock her feeble attempt at freedom. Her future feels the pains more than she does. Her future is scarred already and therefore scared. And yet, her tormentors never seize. She kept hearing their boasts. She kept feeling the impact of their heartlessness in her deepest being. I will rape you. I will molest you. I will assault you. I will harass you. I will drag you all over the land from the tip of your tiny toe. You can’t do anything about it they shout. Well, they did woo her. Could this be what their wooing meant? No expense was spared when they wooed her and even more effort is now being spent on her nonstop exploitation and torture. Her latest husbands are even worse than her past husbands. She had never been this terrorized since the time her former military husbands were alive. It’s not that she has never tried to free herself. In fact, she had felt liberated when her military husbands gave up the ghost. She felt she will finally experience that breath of fresh air. But here she is, her lungs heaving, seriously starved of air. Her current husbands seem to combine the evil of a million demons in their hearts. It’s not that she didn’t try. But deep in her heart, she is confused. Could she be enjoying the pain? Did she really want it to stop? She shuddered like a 7.0 magnitude earthquake as she felt the searing pain of another probe buried into her. She is devastated. This particular probe in her fuels her pain like never before. Yet, she loves her husbands. Is this how love should be? Who will free her from all of this? Yet she knows what to do to be free. Her future mocks, hating her more for her lethargy. And yet, she docilely lies back as the battering continues. Her future dares her to do something. Deep inside her lies the truth yet she dares not……… who dares???

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now I know why the Nigeria spring never sprung-life on twitter…

January came and people thought, yes, Nigeria has reached the tipping point, the point of no return. People touted and spread the message of now is the time and all that. People compared it to the Arab spring that was successful in Tunisia and Egypt in that it brought about the much needed change in status quo. Gains and losses are still being counted though and Syria is still at it.
I had to sit and analyze life on twitter and it hit me why the Nigeria spring never sprung. The success of the mass revolt in both Tunisia and Egypt is attributed to the power of the Social Media.
Here is where I get to the crux of my write-up. Anyone is free to take offence at what I’m about to do because I am going to mention names or at least twitter handles to drive home my point.
I have been tweeting since July, 4 2011 with the twitter handle @SegunOmojola. I follow 208 people and I have 177 followers presently with 3108 tweets to my name. One of the reasons I joined the tweet train was to get published, add my voice to many other voices clamoring for a new Nigeria, link up with like minds, synergize, network and replicate the victories recorded in Tunisia and Egypt back home as well as tell the future where I stood in history. I got published, at least my blog has since enjoyed about 1037 visits since inception thanks to twitter and let me not forget FaceBook meaning I got read… that’s 2 down right? I made new friends also I wish I could mention all but here are just a few of the wonderful people that I can now call friends @blcompere, @PEPPEROSY, @tee_hidee, @_dlittleprince(no vex if I no metion you oooo *winks*) and let me not forget to add @willdeji and many others like them that I met for the first time on twitter. I know who you follow is purely your choice and no one can compel you to follow him/her, but, I followed all these people at the height of the OccupyNigeria movement because from their tweets and avatars, I could perceive that they were part of the OccupyNigeria Movement and some are even leaders. I mentioned and I got mentioned, I RT-ed and I got RT-ed as well from some of the people and we exchanged information, shared ideas and had a few lols together but wait, this is where I am going. A few who I noticed are at the forefront of the OccupyNigeria Movement were selective with their RTs and mentions. They choose to RT or mention only those they are familiar with and the worst is, they don’t reply or respond to questions or mentions directed at them. Now, how do you explain that? My timeline is filled with their activities so I know they are active online but RT them or reply their tweet or even ask a direct question and you get no response. I wonder if that was the attitude of the Tunisians and Egyptians, the Social Media platform would not have been a useful mobilization tool.
I will talk what me I know oh and based on my personal experience with the following handles I’m about to mention. Fear not, feel free to sue me if you so wish. I will furnish you with my address and phone number so you can properly address the writ of summons should you need to. Let me start with @gbengasesan who may not recollect me but I remember well from Akure back in the days when Youth for Christ was the only meeting point for young people( he may not recall me). A leading voice in the OccupyNigeria Movement, I have asked direct questions from him on more than one occasion yet no response and he is a young person like me. Is it that he is so busy? I have equally directed questions at @omojuwa and @ogundamisi, I RT-ed @KathleenNdongmo and less I forget @toluogunlesi but none of these people responded in any way to my direct question, mention or RT. These are influential people in their own rights judging by the number of their followers and I perceive that they are at the forefront of the OccupyNigeria Movement. I am not aware of the need to register to be a part of the OccupyNigeria Movement beyond having a burning desire to see tangible and measurable positive development occur in Nigeria I would have done so, so that I can be part of the clickclique.  Also, I’m not suggesting that it is possible for you to respond to every possible mention or RT( though I wonder how the next set of people I’ll mention do it)but a direct question??? I wonder if one Tunisian to another or Egyptian to another needed to have known one another before sharing a drink or even a tweet as they mobilized to vent their feelings. You may think I am seeking attention and followership by this blog post of mine, you may be right, but take time to follow me through on this and feel free to reach your conclusions of me but note that I am not attacking the character of these people, no, I’m just pointing out what I noticed to still be an issue with the Opposition in our Nation and if opening myself up to class action will cause us to begin to notice, then so be it ( I hope the government will provide me with a lawyer for free ooo). Let me move to @elrufai, @PObahiagbon and even @ALIBABAGCFR who continue to lead by example. These three as far as I know take time to reply, RT and respond to direct contact, RTs and mentions (though egbon Alibaba never notice my attempt at knock knocking), but I see their timeline and I notice even with their principled stance, they respond to people they don’t even know and no matter how stupid the question or comment. They even take the time to tell you that you have been blocked if you pass your boundary. My fear is, if we can’t get along on a virtual platform, how do we get along in real life? Go through the tweets of the likes of those I mentioned before these present three, it is filled with objective critic of the government and the bigotry of people and how we all should be united in the fight to enthrone good governance and yet, insignificant me is not noticed not to talk of them taking time to just respond to a direct question, or RT or even mention. I wonder if this kind of thing happened in Tunisia or Egypt as they mobilized for change. I wasn’t there and I wasn’t part of it so I can’t say. I don’t know if there are any others on twitter that noticed what I am talking about but as for me, I decided to stick my neck out and do something about it and if I’m wrong, I stand to be very corrected via any means those I mentioned may choose to do so. I may be insignificant, but I exist and that’s what should count. Courtesy demands that you are not rude even to strangers and not responding to direct inquiries is considered rude everywhere. How do we successfully call the government to order when our unity is out of order? Supposing we successfully take over the reins of government as youth, how will we not be different from the government we removed? If I can’t enjoy the privilege of courtesy on twitter, how will I have the confidence to approach you in real life or even work towards a common cause with you? And we are quick to highlight the governments insensitivity and obvious disconnect from the plight of the masses. I am not judging, I am merely making an observation. I dream of a better Nigeria for me my family, my friends, my children. We do not have to like one another for whatever reason, but we can still work together for a common cause. All differences aside, and united of purpose not by mere words but in deeds, that’s the way to go. I felt I had to do this and I have and if my message is not understood as it should be, then the OccupyNigeria Movement never was and will never be and that’s why the Nigerian spring never sprung…Selah.
*NB* I am sorry I had to mention names and all but enough of hiding to make a difference. For the sake of those who may take offence and want to sue, find my home address and phone number below… if I die, I die but Nigeria must be great again.
Babtunde Oluwasegun Tolutope Omojola
14, Akinleye-Martins street off Oyemekun road, Akure. Ondo state.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

free styling...

I usually first type my blog, proof read, correct and so on with Microsoft office before posting but except to help reduce typos, I’m just free styling today. Putting down anything that comes to my head as it comes. There have been so many issues and yet all of them are same old same old. Events happen, and we start and we talk and we tweet and we blog and the Federal government inaugurates committees and task forces and panels, generating employment as promised and all sorts and we talk again and now NUPENG threatens to strike and another bomb blast occurred on Sunday at Jos and the President is still condemning and winning the war against terrorism and the people say how. The list is endless and the cycle goes on non-stop. On the foreign scene so much is happening, Nigerians are being deported and Nigeria is deporting and deportation goes only against South Africa and we are yet to hear of the Foreign office’s response to UK’s deportation of Nigerians. I learn of clickitivism, armchair critics etc and poverty is still claiming victims by the second, and government is busy in its continuing inconsistency.
Now I am actually rambling without a clear direction here. Pardon the state of my mind at this time. I am suffering from information overload. I am seeing the efforts of my state government to beautify the state and bring about infrastructural development. I am seeing the good people of Ondo state thronging en mass to the fountain that now adorns the banking district of Algbaka with family and friends, taking photographs and praising Mimiko to high heavens and my friend from UK is busy asking me how the economy in Ondo state is and  all I can say is Goodluck’s new year present strongly backed by our Governors has steeped the cost of living to the very high. Houses used to be very affordable in Ondo state but alas not so anymore. I advice you to carry your cash with you while house hunting so that you can pay pronto if not, while you go to withdraw the money in the bank; your potential landlord has a change of mind. Nigeria on my mind especially the back and forth bashings and all, one wonders when all these will end.
News coming from abroad not so comforting, news at the home front not so comforting but this I know, no matter how crazy some may define me to be after reading this piece, especially what I’m about to say now… I take comfort in the truth that it doesn’t end here, that there’s still life after now guaranteed by my faith in God. It doesn’t close my eyes to the happenings around me, and it doesn’t exempt me from being affected neither does it stop me from making my contribution to the betterment of things but it gives me the assurance of hope that there’s a better place after here. I have that to look forward to even as I try to do everything in my power to make real positive difference in my world. Where I am is good place to be. I’m calm even in the storms both natural and man-made and I am able to remain as a beacon to those who desire what I have. The world may call me crazy, but it was foretold long ago. I may be in the world but I am not of the world. I have Jesus and I’m glad. He is the assurance I have to continue to keep on keeping on. He is the source of my joy and the reason for my calm.
I sha know I will do all I can to ensure that Nigeria does not collapse and I’m willing to trust God for the outcome of my efforts.
End of free styling… no editing beyond spell check…